We are pleased to offer one-on-one rod building instruction – Learn the art and craft of rod building right here in our shop working one-on-one with our rod builder.

How it works –
• We help you spec out the rod you want to build and assist you in ordering the components for your project.
• We show you how to check your components for defects and component staging.
• You learn hands-on all the prep work, assembly and thread work and finishing skills you need to successfully build your own custom rod. Your diligence will create professional results.
• You use these skills to create your own custom rod under the direct supervision of our rod builder who will keep you on the right track to ensure your successful completion.

How much does it cost? –
• You purchase the rod components you will build.
• We charge a basic hourly rate. The less direct instruction you require, the less it will cost you.
• You work at your own pace – if you can only do a couple hours at a time that’s fine.
• We offer a discounted rate for members of local fishing-related clubs and organizations.
• If you only need help with a certain part of the process we can do that to for the hourly rate.

What if I don’t/can’t finish the build? –
• We can complete it for you at a basic labor rate by guide type and thread work.
• You can take your partially finished project with you and complete it later. You purchased the components so they are yours.
• We will show you what basic equipment you need to finish the project at home if you wish.

Why learn to build my own? –
• You will save money on your future fishing rods by building them yourself.
• You can repair what you build. A basic repair kit can salvage an expensive fishing trip if something happens.
• Total satisfaction of catching fish using a tool you created with your own hands. Teach your kids how to build their own as well. Rod building is a great project for the whole family.

While we’d love to sell you a custom rod, we are fundamentally an ambassador for the craft of rod building. It is with this spirit in mind that we offer this service.