There are a few services we offer - that can be done as part of the build process, depending on your needs:

Balancing - For specific types of rods, it is desirable to have the balance point of the rod/reel combo be adjusted
to a specific point such as the grip on a flyrod. We would need the reel you intend to use and can add weight
and/or use heavier or lighter components to achieve the balance point you want.

Custom Cork Grips - We can build custom cork grips to your specification for size, shape and appearance using
individual cork rings which we glue together then turn on a lathe/mandrel. Each custom cork grip will be spec'd and
priced based on material costs, complexity of design and time involved.

Cork Preserver - can be applied to the cork grips to protect them from moisture, dirt and skin oils. It does cover
that velvety feeling of the raw cork, but can be removed with light sanding later to expose the preserved cork.

Special Labeling - can be applied, according to your needs. We can do names, nicknames, organizations, special
events, scripture verse references, or whatever you want. We use white or black labeling on clear adhesive
backing and then seal the labels under several layers of clear finish.

Got an Idea? - We'll listen and tell you if we can do itů