Fly fishing - is an entirely unique method of angling. It is challenging, addictive, frustrating and immensely
rewarding. Use of artificial flies dates back to the ancient Roman Empire. To the non-flyfisher, the practice looks like
waving a stick at a bit of water. Instead of your terminal tackle mass yanking the line out behind it, the line itself
has the mass that pulls the nearly weightless fly on a nearly invisible leader forward to its' destination. The fly lands
as gently as a feather. No turmoil or drama to send the fish fleeing. Fly fishing takes substantial practice to master
the casting and presentation aspects (you won't mind). When you get it right (and you will), no other form of
angling gives you the same level of satisfaction. It is elemental, it is graceful, it is art, it is science, it is voodoo and
it is consuming.

From among the range of flyrod line-weights, actions, lengths, materials and hardware, we can match your needs to
build you a flyrod that will please the beginner to the seasoned veteran, whether one-hand, double-hand or
specialty rod. You then can go for floating, sinking, dual-tapered and special purpose lines and the myriad of floating
and sinking flies that go with them.

We have squirreled away a handful of Fenwick's HMG graphite blanks. These are no longer available and represent a
real loss to the fly fishing world. Their sweet, progressive actions and their glossy chestnut brown finish with
underlying hints of deep redů The HMG was one of the first high-modulus graphite flyrods and is still one of the very
bestů Call for availablility.
Fenwick HMG 9 foot/6 wt/4 pc flyrod with Batson guides, cork and burl wood insert reel seat
Sage VT2 9 foot/5 wt/4 pc flyrod with birdseye maple reel seat insert and gunmetal grey thread
Batson Rainshadow 9 foot/6 wt/2 pc in gloss green, with Batson hardware
Fenwick HMG 9 foot/7 wt/2 pc flyrod with Batson guides, full-wells grip and burl wood insert reel seat. Rod is shown with a fixed
fighting butt. Flyreel is an L2a from The Fly Shop