Okay, it's your custom rod - but our name goes on it too… While we want you to be happy with how your
custom rod looks; we especially want you to be happy with how it feels and works. We are focused on
producing quality fishing tools, not abstract art. If you're looking for some rhinestone-encrusted bling-fest or
bad-acid-trip finish, we're not the custom rod builder for you….

We currently can offer you your choice of thread colors for structural and decorative tag wraps, hardware
type/finish choices, choices in wood type on some reel seats and some options in pre-made cork grips and
hook-keepers. For bamboo flyrods, we can get genuine silk thread and stripping guides made with polished
agate ring inserts for a truly timeless look.

In the future - we may offer:
" Decorative butt-wraps (don't snicker…) like diamonds, chevrons, etc.
" Custom cork grips in custom colors and configurations
" Special inlays (abalone, snake skin, etc.)
" Hand-written labels

These services will only be offered - if/when the equipment is acquired and our skills are up to speed. Your
custom rod won't be the guinea pig in our lab…