Berglund Custom Rods - are built to be as robust and durable as possible. This also means they are not built to
be easily repairable. We would have to see the damage to determine if it can be repaired. If it can be repaired
without damage to the blank and other components, it won't be expensive…

There is no implied warranty on completed rods. The only warranty which may be applicable would be the
warranty for the blank itself. Blank manufacturers do not cover what gets attached to their blanks, so if the blank
fails and is replaced under warranty, we would have to use that blank and start over to re-create your rod. Don't
worry - we'll cut you a sweet deal on the replacement.

Blank Manufacturers - are a smart bunch of people. They can tell from inspecting the damage whether it was a
true defect or if it got crushed or cut off. Use your hard-tubed rod cases, hook-keepers, rod holders and racks.
Protect your investment.

BEWARE - ceiling fans, vehicle doors, camper shells, hatchback hatches, hinges, tackle boxes, full bait buckets,
clumsy steps, sitting without looking, teething canines and any other variation on the theme that leads to, "oh
@#*&, my rod!" We all have horror stories that start with, "This guy I know…"

Terms are easy - When we hammer out a plan and price for the rod you want, we will tell you how much of a
deposit will be needed. When we receive the deposit, parts are ordered and the work is scheduled and started.
When your rod is completed we will let you know. We receive the remaining balance and the completed rod ships
to you. You can also pay the cost as a lump sum up-front or can send the remaining balance while the build is
ongoing. Cash or bank-issued cashiers' check or money orders are preferable. We are not set up for Pay-Pal or
credit/debit cards, but may be in the future… Other arrangements by individual case only.

Your custom rod - will ship to you via insured carrier. Some carriers will only deliver to a physical building location
and not to a P.O. Box. We will use the carrier most appropriate and convenient.
Your custom rod will be packed as securely as possible in heavy cardboard tubing or PVC pipe (per availability) and
insured. We have already learned our lesson on shipping containers - in short, anything can still happen…