Berglund Custom Rods

Berglund Custom Rods - is a very, very small operation. In essence, it is a workbench in a basement workshop.
As such, we build rods one at a time by hand. We started building fly, spinning and casting rods for family, friends
and organizations. Once word gets around that you build custom fishing rods and that word is backed up by folks
looking at your handiwork and wanting one of their own; you have two choices: Limit your rod building to family,
friends and organizations or open up and make rods for new customers. You might have to wait a bit to get your
rod, but it will be worth it to you…

If you like one of our rods that we've built for someone else, just jot down the number that is on the rod - usually
on the bottom near the fore grip. This corresponds to a rod journal where we track each rod we build in detail so it
can be reproduced if need be. Use it as a starting point for a rod of your own…

We appreciate your business and your word-of-mouth recommendation is what we covet most. Use your
Berglund Custom Rods custom-made fishing rod to enjoy your time on the water and show it to other folks
who might not hear of us otherwise. Most of all, enjoy yourself and catch fish!

We encourage you to get involved in area fishing clubs and both regional and national organizations. Support
good fisheries-management practices to preserve and protect sport fishing in your area.

Tight Lines and God Bless!

Berglund Custom Rods